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 Little Feet Home Preschool

Little Feet Home Preschool

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Little Feet Home Preschool. I can’t wait to see what big  steps your little ones take this year. Since our class is getting older, I’m excited to plan some more organized activities for them to expand their exploration and learning through play.  

Some units I hope to teach this year include: the Farm, Dinosaurs, Space, Fairy Tales + Nursery Rhymes, Gardens, Construction Zone, Ocean Life, and (Super)heroes. We will start introducing ABC’s and continue early math skills like counting and shape recognition.
Each week we will do arts & crafts, music & movement, story time, and other activities based on our theme for the month. 

And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time for free play! 

Day 1: First Day of School Picture Frame, Explore New Farm Areas
Day 2: Little Feet T-shirts (footprints), Farm Sensory Tables
Day 3: A is for Apple Craft, Apple Sorting - Red, Yellow, Green
Day 4: Painting with Apples, Plant Apple Seeds
 Day 5: A is for Animals, What Animals Live on the Farm, Wash Animals
Day 6: B is for Barn Craft, Put the Animals in the Barn Game
Day 7: Old MacDonald Had a Farm Felt Board, Number Matching
Day 8: C is for Cow - Handprint Cow, Milk the Cow, Dairy Products
Day 9: C is for Corn - Bubble Wrap Corn on the Cob, Play Dough Center
 Day 10: Ch is for Chicken - Feathers, Gathering Eggs
Day 11: E is for Eggs, Egg Activity
Day 12: Sh is for Sheep - Cottonball Sheep, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Day 13: H is for Horse Craft, Horse Activity Day 14: P is for Pig, Pigs in the Mud
 Day 15: First Day of Fall, Leaf Color Sorting, Leaf Rubbings
Day 16: T is for Tree - Handprint Tree, Raking Leaves
Day 17: T is for Tractor Craft, Painting with Tractors
Day 18: Go to a Farm
Day 19: Farm Book and Review

If you have any supplies for crafts such as: paper, stickers, glue, felt, markers, etc. or daily supplies like: tissues, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, etc., that you would like to donate to the daycare, I would greatly appreciate it. 

As you know, Ms. Shelby will be leaving us. ☹ Her last day will be August 28th. I will be hiring two new assistants to join our Little Feet family. They will be starting on September 4th. 

Our first monthly theme for this year is “The Farm.” We will turn parts of our play space into a barn for dramatic play. Students will learn about animals, tractors, and the foods we get from the farm. We will be starting a small edible garden in the back yard for the kids to grow some of their own food. They already love eating the figs, oranges, and tomatoes that we grow. If you have any plants or seeds you’d like to contribute, I’d be happy to use them.

For our projects we’ll be needing the following materials if you have any to share: 
Construction paper
Farm Stuffed Animals 
Bubble wrap 
Play dough
Egg cartons 
Plastic eggs
Cotton balls
Toy tractors
Toy barns 
Paper plates 
Washable paints 
Washable markers
 Cardboard boxes 

Thanks in advance for your contributions😊😊
You have all been wonderful families to work with, and I’m looking forward to another great year. 

Thank you, Ms. Kristin