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 Little Feet Home Preschool

Little Feet Home Preschool

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Little Feet Home Preschool - Parent Handbook 2018 - 2019

(Effective September 1, 2018 until revised)

Welcome – About My Daycare

Welcome to Little Feet Home Preschool. My goal is to provide exceptional care for your child. I provide full-time daycare for little ones ages birth -5, and before/after-school care for the bigger kids. For preschool age children (ages 2-5), I hold preschool classes Monday through Friday from 9 -12. These play-based classes help kids learn their alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and build the early educational foundation to prepare them for kindergarten. Many of our activities build phonemic awareness and counting skills, and encourage children to use their imaginations and creativity as well as problem-solving and social skills. For infants, I have quiet rooms for napping, mats for playing, and arms for holding. For the bigger kids, I provide school drop-offs and pick-ups, an after-school snack, homework help, and a playroom stocked with age-appropriate activities like Legos, K’nex, board games, etc. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided.


Little Feet Home Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. I may be able to provide extended hours for an additional fee of $10/hour (or any part thereof)/child. If you are late for pick-up more than once, I will charge a $10 fee each time you are late.


Part-time daily rate = $50/day/child or $10/hour/child

Weekly full-time rate = $200/week/child

Preschool Curriculum = $20/monthly fee to help with cost of materials

Please note that childcare is provided on a contract basis. When you enroll your child we will agree upon set days and hours, and a set rate for those times. If you wish to change those times we will have to renegotiate the contract, as I have a limited number of spaces available. Also, I require a 2 week nonrefundable security deposit after a two-week trial period; please give me at least 2 weeks’ notice if you wish to end daycare, and that security deposit will cover your last 2 weeks.

Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Days

Because of my religious beliefs (I am one of Jehovah's witnesses), I do not celebrate birthdays or holidays, however Little Feet Home Preschool is closed on the following days (and payment is expected):

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Easter (the Friday before and Monday after)

Memorial Day

 July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving and the Friday after

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Friday of the Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses (annual event/date varies)

In addition, I may take up to 10 days of personal vacation time each year. I will give you at least 2 weeks' notice, and payment is not required for that time. I suggest that you try to schedule your vacations for the same time, because I do not give unpaid leave for your vacation time. Again, you are paying for a space at my daycare – payment is due whether your child is present or not.

On occasions when I need to close due to illness, I will give you as much notice as possible, and you will not be charged for those days.

If your child is vomiting, has diarrhea, has a contagious rash, or seems extremely ill, I do require that you keep them at home. Most kids get multiple colds in the early years and I do not require you to keep them home for sniffles or a little cough. Nobody can take care of your child like you can when they’re sick, and we want to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible, so please be courteous of others. Because you are paying to hold a spot for your child, I do not give refunds for days missed due to your child’s illness.


*Let me reiterate, because this always seems to become an issue: Once you enroll your child at Little Feet Home Preschool, you are paying to have a spot for your child. Just like most other professions, I have given myself the benefit of paid holidays. For your benefit, I don’t charge when I have to close due to illness and for my family vacation time. Please do not ask me to reduce your weekly daycare rate if your child is absent. The rate is the same whether your child is here or not. The only exception to this is my teachers’ special (see below).*

Teachers’ Special

If you teach, enjoy your time off with your own children. Hold your spot for just $50/week when LBUSD is closed. This arrangement can benefit both my family and yours. We both want more time with our own kids, and you don’t want to pay for daycare when you don’t need it. When LBUSD is closed for spring, summer, fall, and winter breaks, you may hold your child’s spot for $50/week and bring your child for one full day during each week that school is closed. This helps your child remember me and her daycare family, and gives you a day to run errands, do chores, or go out kid-free.

*Please note that if you do not pay to hold your child’s spot, I will consider that termination of our contract, you will forfeit your security deposit, and your child’s spot will be filled.*

Daily Schedule

Little Feet Home Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Because this is a home daycare there is some flexibility in scheduling. However, to ensure that your child receives breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and gets a nap, please have them here at the following times

Breakfast – between 7 and 8

Morning Snack - between 9 and 10

Lunch – between 11 and 12

Nap – from 12:00 – 2:00

Afternoon Snack – between 2 and 3

Most days we take a trip to the park either in the morning or after school hours, if you are coming later than usual, please give me a call or text to let me know so I can continue with our daily activities, and to find out where we are. Also, if your child will not be attending, please let me know before your scheduled arrival time, as waiting to see if you are coming disrupts our schedule.


Please provide the following as needed for your child:

*Immunization Records

*Emergency Contact Information


Baby Wipes


Baby Food

Bottle and/or Cup

At least 2 changes of weather appropriate clothing

I am also open to donations of snacks, art supplies, tissues, hand soap, books, toys, etc.

Nap/Rest Time

All children are required to nap or rest quietly between 12 and 2. Bigger kids can look at books or do another quiet activity if they don’t want to sleep. Infants sleep when they need to and state guidelines for safe sleeping practices will be followed. Out of consideration for our little ones who really need that nap, I ask that you plan to pick up or drop off your children before or after that quiet time.


If your child is injured or becomes ill while in my care I will notify you immediately (after providing first aid, as needed). Both myself, my husband, and assistants are CPR and first aid certified, and emergency numbers are posted by the phones and programmed in cell phones for extra assistance when needed. If your child becomes ill, I will do my best to make them comfortable until you are able to pick them up. If they are vomiting, running a fever, have excessive diarrhea or just seem miserable without you, I will expect you to come and pick them up within an hour. Please be sure to keep contact information up-to-date.


At this time we have a basset hound named Cowboy. He has been with us since he was just 8 weeks old and is accustomed to being around kids. We also have a cat named Dodger who has been with us since he was 5 weeks old. In addition, we have two guinea pigs, Cream Puff and Brownie, and usually a hamster.


At this time I have a 8-passenger van with commercial liability insurance that I use to transport children to and from school. I have infant and toddler car seats as well as booster seats to ensure that all children are safely and legally secured in my vehicle. In the event of a field trip or other special occasion, I will request written permission to transport your child in my vehicle or that of another assistant/parent.

Licensed, Credentialed, and Insured

California State Family Child Care Home License #198017815

American Board Certification for Teacher Excellence

Liability Insurance through Markel

Photo/Video Authorization

I would like to request your permission to use your child’s photo and/or video image for the following purposes: (Please x out anywhere you do not want me to use your child’s image)

Daycare scrapbook for families attending Little Feet Home Preschool

My personal scrapbook

Display in facility

To share with other families attending Little Feet Home Preschool

To advertise on Craigslist/Yelp and similar publications



Little Feet Home Preschool Child Care Contract

This is a contract between ____________________ (herein called parents) and Kristin Gonzalez, owner of Little Feet Home Preschool (herein called provider).

Child care services will be provided by the provider for the following child(ren):


On (circle days needed): Mon.  Tues.  Wed.  Thurs.  Fri. , from ______ am/pm to ________ am/pm

beginning on _________________________. ______

Little Feet Home Preschool will be closed on the following dates (and payment is due):

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Easter (the Friday before and Monday after)

Memorial Day

 July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving and the Friday after

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Friday of the Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses (annual event/date varies)____

The provider may also take up to 2 weeks (10 days) of vacation time (2 weeks' notice will be given) and pay will not be required. ______

Your weekly childcare fee is: ____________, and your 2 weeks’ security deposit is: ___________. _____

Please give 2 weeks’ notice when you intend to end care and you will not be charged for the last two weeks. The security deposit is nonrefundable and is really 2 weeks of prepaid childcare to be used when your child will be leaving Little Feet Home Preschool. _____

Parent agrees that payment is due Friday for the upcoming week. If payment does not clear by Monday at drop-off, the child may not be accepted into care. Although a child should remain at home when sick, the parent understands that the total weekly rate is due even in the event of the child’s absence. If I am unable to provide care for your child because I am sick, you will be refunded for that day. _____

Please be courteous and give me a call/text if you will be late or absent. Again, you are responsible for paying the full weekly rate even if your child is late or absent. If you are late for 5:30 pick up more than once, you will be charged $10 each time you are late. ____

Both parent and provider reserve the right to terminate childcare at any time. The provider agrees to give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice of intent to end childcare. _____

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I want to provide the best environment possible for your child. Your initials and signature indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed to the policies stated in the parent handbook and on this contract. _____

Welcome to Little Feet Home Preschool!

Parent Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Provider Signature: __________________________________ Date: _________________